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What Is The Benefit Of The EMR Quantum Energy Bracelets?
Earth’s Natural Energies

Far Infrared: Far Infrared (FIR) is the invisible band of energy from the sun’s spectrum that we feel as warmth. Far Infrared technology absorbs energy from all wavelengths, and releases it into the Far Infrared wavelength. Far Infrared ceramic inserts absorb energy from various sources and releases it into the human body for gentle warming to help support circulation.

Negative Ions: have an invigorating effect on the human body while positive ions have the opposite effect, quite often inducing a feeling of tiredness. Negative ions are created naturally by the energy associated with rolling surf, waterfalls and lightning. The levels of negative ions present in different environments highlight the deficiency of negative ions in our everyday domestic environment. The Bracelets are infused with negative ion powder emitting 1000 ions per cubic cm. All physical and mental activity is controlled by electromagnetic fields produced by electro-chemicals (ions) within the body.

Neodymium Magnets: Wearing a magnetic bracelet is a non-invasive way of applying beneficial magnetic fields to the body. We improved this technology by providing Uni-polar Neodymium Magnets emitting 1000-1200 Gauss, which is ideal and safe for continuous wearing. Magnetic technology is used in many performance bracelets favored by professional athletes.

Germanium Energy: Germanium Energy is a trace element that is used as a dietary supplement. The germanium has been shown to stimulate the immune system, helping the body to fight disease. There’s nothing like your own immune supporter to help you overcome disease. The Quantum Energy Bracelets contain 99.99% Germanium.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline is a trace element that soothes panic attacks, especially those caused by dark or confined spaces, or in places where the atmosphere is frightening. It also helps control fears of doctors or dentists. Wear this crystal for protection against moaners, whiners, complaining neighbors or emotional vampires who burden you with their problems but do nothing to improve their situations.

This new metal bracelet contains all the rare earth elements listed above. Also, it comes with one free frequency. Any of the patches listed on our site can be placed on the bracelet. You can add three frequencies to the bracelet, as more than that would be too much for the body. Please call us if you want to add frequencies to the bracelet. Each additional frequency is $30.00.

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