E-Viral Guard


Best anti viral patch!! The patch is designed for “Advanced type flus.” It is designed to stimulate immune system response for the new viral strains, and hemorrhagic fevers.

The symptoms of flu and cold are often confused when diagnosed, so you don’t know if you are experiencing the Seasonal Flu, or a bacterial infection. The E- Virus Guard patch is made to interact on a specific set of energetics.

Application: The patch is made to last for 3 days, then discard. Apply another patch and wear it for additional 3 days to reduce any viral infection. Repeat this procedure for 30 days to reduce viral infection.

Tips: It is difficult sometimes to know which of the viruses or bacteria you’ve encountered (even for your doctor to diagnose). Non seasonal flu always brings stomach problems and very often a very sore throat. Seasonal Flu will bring a temperature and aches and pains. Colds sometimes bring a sore throat and nearly always a runny nose.

Manufactured by: AlphaBio Centrix

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