Organic Ayate Wash Cloth


    The Ayate washcloth is a handwoven product from the interior regions of Mexico. It is better than a loofah and a wash cloth because it is mildew resistant. It can be machine washed and last up to one year with daily usage. It feels great on the body as it removes dead skin and smooths rough elbows and heels. The Ayate cloth softens the toughest beards and legs for the smoothest shave and your teenager will enjoy the clean glow of healthy skin without the added expense of specialty products. The Ayate will be a favorite for everyone in the household. The cloth can also be used in the kitchen. It cleans and scrubs fruits and vegetables and even cleans pots and pans. Our ayate is ORGANIC and all natural. People who use our ayates love them and prefer them over loofah sponges.

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