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Use this disk when energy is noticeably deficient. Mitochondrial dysfluency is a key factor in a myriad of diseases, including neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders. Mitochondria are responsible for converting energy from the food you ingest into usable “currency.”

Use in conjunction with: The Bio Energy disks that can be used to boost efficiencies and work in conjunction with the Mito-Cell Restoration are: All the disks.

Tips: Mitochondria form a dynamic, interconnected network that is intimately integrated with other cellular compartments. The Mito-Cell Restoration disk helps restore cellular wellbeing.

Manufactured by: AlphaBio Centrix

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As time goes on and more Practitioners are carrying the Mito-Cell (Mitochondria) Alphabio Centrix Patches we are getting a lot more feedback. I have been reporting that across the board the feedback has been clearer thinking, less brain fog. more energy, better sleep and some pain relief. We just received a testimonial I pasted below from a registered nurse.

As soon as I placed the Mito-Cell (Mitochondria) Alphabio Centrix Patches on, (I put it on the right side first), I felt an immediate sense of wellbeing and the twinge of pain I had in my neck was gone! − moreover I felt increased energy throughout the day and just a sense of being more integrated in my body. I recommend this disk highly as I have been feeling pretty fantastic. Have been using it along with the Great Brain disk which has helped me tremendously with focus and mental clarity.I am recommending this disk to my clients as it is so fast acting and effective. I noticed my mood was more balanced as well.
Amelia, RN

According to (supercharge your health)

The role of the Mitochondria is:
-Energy Powerhouse of the Cell
-Produces Cellular Energy
-Maintains Glutathione Levels
-Protects DNA In Mitochondria
-Signals Cell Reproduction
-Activates Cell Apoptosis
-Maintains Cell Electrochemical Integrity

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