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How many products do you use right now for health, hygiene and cleansing? What if you could replace all or most of these with natural products for a lot less cost to you and in the long run, optimum health?

If you are deeply concerned with wellness and how to live dis-ease free :
Miracle II is taking the alternative health industry by storm.

Miracle II has a twofold purpose, to ALKALINIZE AND OXYGENATE the body INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY. The first component is the soap, an all natural combination of electrically formulated water and minerals.

Miracle II soap helps you to EXTRACT and ELIMINATE TOXINS efficiently through your skin. It OPENS PORES that are CLOGGED WITH FAT from bar soap or petroleum products and promotes NATURAL healing in the first 14 minutes of your bath. It also OXYGENATES your bloodstream!

The second component is the neutralizer. When added to your drinking water, it WASHES AWAY bacteria and toxins in the bloodstream like an INTERNAL DETERGENT! It also makes your cell walls more permeable so water and nutrients can enter! The neutralizer has a pH of 8.4 so it alkalinizes your bloodstream, causing an unviable situation for viruses, bacteria and yeast.

It actually restores proper functioning at a cellular level because it electrically balances the fluids in your bloodstream. This in turn results in proper absorption of the nutrients your cells need for HEALTHY FUNCTIONING!


Topically, the neutralizer gel is an incredibly effective skin-repair lotion. Cuts, burns and wounds HEAL with AMAZING speed. Compare this gel with aloe-vera, you will be astounded.

Miracle II is so versatile it not only cleanses the body, it also ELIMINATES TOXIC AND HARSH CHEMICALS from your environment. Use it in your kitchen, in your bathroom, on your plants AND your pets!
Not only will Miracle II save you money, in the long run it will keep you OUT of your doctor's office!


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